Naming rights

AVAILABLE SPACES Per Unit in S$ (minimum sum)*
Roof Terrace $1,500,000 (Sold)
Multi-Purpose Hall $1,000,000 (Sold)
Café $200,000
Child Protection Centre (2 units) $150,000 (1 unit Sold)
Multi-Purpose Rooms (2 units) $150,000 (1 unit Sold)
Beauty & Wellness Training Room $150,000
Training Rooms (3 units) $100,000 (2 units Sold)
Caregiver Room $100,000 (Sold)
Digital Innovation Rooms (2 units) $100,000 (All Sold)
Hairdressing Training Room $100,000 (Sold)
Rehabilitation & Training Centre $100,000 (Sold)
Mount Alvernia Outreach Clinic $100,000
Dance Studio $100,000
Prayer Room $75,000 (Sold)
Baking & Cooking Training Rooms (2 units) $75,000
Counselling & Case Management Rooms (12 units) $50,000 (All Sold)
Children Playground $50,000 (Sold)
Gardens (6 Units) $50,000

If you are interested to donate for a Naming Right, please download a copy of the Pledge Form and send/email a copy of the completed form to us.


  1. Subject to availability
  2. Naming rights of rooms: A Name of a Saint (subject to approval of the Agape Village Steering Committee).
  3. Inscription below the Name of a Saint: “In memory/A gift of” or “Donated / Sponsored by”

For more information, contact Stacie at 6801 7400 or email