Share a pot, Share a cheer!

The human Christmas tree at Agape Village!

13 December marked the last Share-A-Pot @ Agape Village (SAP @ AV) event for 2017! Aimed to build brawns, brains and bonds through broth. SAP @ AV is a 12-week community-based programme, co-organised by Caritas Singapore and National Health Group, that reaches out to seniors (60 and above).

The first cycle of SAP @ AV started on 15 June 2015 with about 80 seniors. And now, at the end of its seventh cycle, volunteers put together a Christmas party for more than 130 seniors.

The opening number, Christmas Choo-Choo! saw participants dancing through the halls to cheery Christmas numbers. Then, it was time for low impact cardio exercises before relaxing to live performances of Christmas classics, performed by the volunteers.

The Christmas Choo-Choo!                                   A participant sharing his Christmas hopes

Unexpectedly, the Village’s Santa made his guest appearance! In typical Santa style, he shared presents and mingled with participants. Specially for this year, a ‘human Christmas tree’ was formed for the first time at Agape Village! Seniors were also delighted with their experience at the photo booth. For many, this was their first time at a booth and exploring with all the props as accessories.

Fringing the event were a white Christmas tree where they could hang their written wishes and a star performance by a local talent, affectionately known as ‘Singapore’s Elvis’! Taking the stage, ‘Elvis’ serenaded evergreen oldies which took seniors and volunteers alike, onto the floor with their cha cha, a-go-go and rock and roll moves! Even seniors on the wheelchair participated too!

A tree of wishes               Vocals & music by the volunteers          Geared up to save the world!

Goon Lian, a participant who has been journeying with the programme since day one, recounts how it has impacted her health. Goon Lian suffers from nervous issues in her arm which inflicts pain and restricts her movement. However, during the exercise segment at this Christmas party, she could raise her arm without pain and fully participated in the exercises. This took her by surprise and she credits it to the amazing energy and atmosphere of the party! She also shared that she has grown to be more cheerful.

Clearly, Share-A-Pot @ Agape Village is not just a programme that keeps the seniors active, but one that holistically builds the seniors’ lives. The impact of the programme is seen in the wide smiles and attendance of the seniors, as well as the prevailing commitment of the volunteers!

With the aging population that our country is facing, we certainly hope to see more organisations adopting this programme and for more generous souls to support this cause and its cost! Stay tuned for more stories on SAP @ AV!

Doing the Jingle Bell Rock!                            Participants & volunteers, singing to the tunes!


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